Terms and Conditions

Tennis attire

  • No black soled shoes on the tennis courts.

  • Non marking tennis shoes should be worn at all times.

  • Water bottles and sunscreens are advisable.

  • Hats or caps to be worn while on the tennis court.

  • At schools with the school programs please follow the school rules with regards to the sports uniforms. It is preferable for players to have their own equipment. When racquets are left at home, demo racquets will be made available.

  • All necessary equipment may be ordered and purchased from us. All orders are COD and must be sent through to the office. In most cases payment and proof thereof will need to be received by the office before delivery. Please allow a minimum of 1 week for delivery from date of order.


  • Monthly Fees are payable in advance before the 7th of each month.

  • All prices are inclusive of VT.

  • Invoices are issued on request where amounts change each month or term. Most invoicing is done via email.

  • The annual administration fee is to be included with the first payment of the year.

  • School programs are charged termly, Termly accounts are due in the 1st week of the term

  • Tennis club for (eg. Pirates Club) lessons are charged either monthly, or annually (see fees schedule). Please choose which contract you would like and indicate this on the registration form.

  • All privates and semi-privates lessons are charged monthly/annually.

  • Payments may be made via ETF, cheque or cash. Please contact us if any alternative arrangements need to be made.

  • NO PAY NO PLAY. If you choose to pay the coach, please insist on a receipt. Proof of payment must please be faxed to 0865030002 or emailed to  or sms’ed to 0834433391byt he 7th of each month.Termination of account is subject to one calendar month’s written notice and payment thereof. If the necessary<br>notice for permanent absence is not handled in the usual way, fees will be charged.<br>l. Interest will be charged at 10% per month on late accounts.<br>m. For holiday clinic bookings, early payment secures your place.

Banking Details


BRANCH CODE, 018005.PLEASE use the pupils name as a reference.


  • No credits are carried forward to the following year for lessons missed

  • Credit must be made up within the calendar year that lessons are taken and paid for.

  • No refunds are given for any lessons missed.

  • Credits must be used in the same category of lesson type .e. if Level 1 group lessons are missed then they must be made up in the same category.i.e. You cannot then have a private lesson to make up.

  • If holiday clinic bookings are cancelled for any reason including illness less than 24hrs before clinic resumes the fees will not be refunded or credited. Please note spaces are limited, and staff is booked according to number of children.

  • DISCOUNTS(for std monthly contracts only)

    • There is a 5% discount for three or more persons in one family.

    • New package deals run by calendar months(discounted rates). These apply for a term’s booking at a time

    • (minimum 3 mths). No further discounts apply. No discounts are offered for cash.


Make up lessons / cancellation of lessons

  • Make-up lessons will be offered as long as a lesson is cancelled in advance(minimum 24 hrs) with the office during office hours (08h30 – 16h30)

  • If a lesson is not cancelled via email, phone call or sms in advance, no make-ups will be offered

  • If a make up lesson is arranged and you do not attend it, you forfeit that lesson

  • Make up lessons will be offered when possible as all numbers are limited in lessons. i.e. they are not guaranteed.

  • Indoor lessons will be held in the event of rain for children only where all necessary theory such as method of scoring, positional play and tactical play etc will be discussed. Failure to attend the indoor lesson without notice means that no make-up lesson will be offered. (See clause 4.a) This is essential knowledge to complete the child’s learning of tennis. If it starts raining during a lesson, pupils will move to the indoor venue and adult lessons will be forfeited. Where possible rained out lessons are attempted to be made up between coach and client. Bearing in mind that our staff are full-time, this is not always possible. Adults will reschedule when possible.

  • Lessons that are missed can only be made up in the category that was paid for. i.e. if a group lesson is paid for at St John’s then a group lesson can be made up. If a holiday clinic is missed due to illness then a holiday clinic is to be made up.

  • Parents will forfeit the lesson if they withdraw a child for whatever reason (too hot; raining etc) without 24 hrs notice to the office.

  • Lessons that are cancelled by the ITA will be made up. Please note this only occurs in the event of a serious matter where a coach cannot be substituted at the last minute. It is not our policy to cancel lessons.

  • If a school cancels the lesson for whatever reason i.e. if there is a school outing- this matter is out of our hands and the lesson will be forfeited.


  • Termination of the contract is subject to one calendar month’s written notice via fax or email and payment thereof. An sms is not allowed as a form of notice of withdrawal.

  • If the necessary notice for permanent absence is not handled in the usual way, fees and/or interest due will be charged.


By submitting the ITA registration form I agree to all the rules and conditions as set out by the International Tennis
Academy. I do not, under any circumstances hold the International Tennis Academy or any employees of the same;
responsible for any disposition, injury or loss that may be incurred by me/my child/my children during such time that
the said person/s is under the instruction of the International Tennis Academy or any employees thereof.

How to register

  • Book your trial lesson where possible as numbers are limited. This applies to group lessons only. If you are satisfied, complete registration form, sign terms and conditions form and initial each page, and debit order form and submit.  Register online (see ‘registration forms’) or fax to 9865030002. -Please indicate venue and day and time of lesson properly.

  • Child will not be on a register for a lesson until all necessary completed paperwork is received by the office.

  • The trial lesson becomes the 1st lesson and payment due will therefore be included in the invoice/account

  • Payment for the first month’s or the term’s lessons including the registration fee (see payment options.) Proof of payment to be received by the office before the first lesson starts.


While the International Tennis Academy takes every precaution to ensure your child’s safety, we cannot be held liable for any loss or injury sustained


  • In the event of an injury during a lesson or during a month , that month’s fees will be due and the lessons missed will be made up provided that the office is notified immediately and a medical report is sent to us (in extreme cases.)

  • If a client is injured during a lesson that lesson will be forfeited.

  • No refunds are issued for lessons missed.


This is done via email in the form of monthly newsletters. Please provide us with the relevant email address for the
person involved with the tennis lessons. Please notify the office if our emails are not received. They will be sent in the first week of every month. It is essential that these are read. There are many parents that we never see and this is the only way we can communicate effectively.
Sms’s are used only to send information or reminders. In the instance where you do not have an email address please pick up copies of the newsletter at your club or from your coach.
For all other matters phone calls are preferred especially when something needs to be discussed. Clear communication is essential. Please remember any changes that need to be made or anything that is out of the ordinary needs to be arranged with the office and/ or management only. Matters discussed with staff will not be taken into account. . Please discuss any concerns or queries with Michele Joyce

Semi-Private lessons

When a lesson is semi-private, 2 persons are involved. If one person cannot make the lesson, the lesson is to be
cancelled completely in good time (24hrs notice in the correct way) and made up or the one person who can attend has a private lesson which is of similar value. The other person then forfeits the lesson completely. This arrangement
usually balances out between the two parties over time. Clients, who miss a semi-private lesson, may not make it up
individually as this is a different lesson category .i.e. private and also has a different cost structure.

Payment categories

As indicated on the registration form, there will be a choice for payment to be annual, monthly or termly. Annual
payments will be for a committed 12 months of coaching from when the client first registers and the full fee is payable upfront with the registration fee or with a debit order option over 12 months. If a client leaves in the course of that year the fees are still due for the full 12 months. If a client decides to change from a monthly to annual contract, then the contract will begin from that month that the change occurs and will run for 12 calendar months. The above mentioned then applies. Annual fees have been averaged over 12 months to make tennis more affordable over a 12month period. This does not mean there will be coaching in those 12 months. (See calendar) Package deals apply to a minimum of a term’s booking.

Number of lessons

  • School tennis programs,when there is school, there is tennis. At 3 term schools we guarantee 10 lessons per term. At 4 term schools we guarantee 8 lessons per term.

  • At our clubs where annual packages are offered we guarantee 44 lessons per annum.

  • We close on Easter Saturday, all public holidays(except on Saturdays) , and December Xmas holidays.( see calendar)


Progress guarantee

We would love to guarantee your progress when taking lessons with us but this depends on your commitment to
attending lessons regularly and how often you practice. Please bear in mind that tennis by its nature requires a 2-3 year foundation period of regular practice and learning. Everyone differs in their ability. We hope that you enjoy it! The more committed you are the more progress you will see. Progress reports are issued annually. (Children only)

All information received by the International Tennis Academy will be confidential and will only be used by ourselves
for any marketing or communication purposes.
By submitting the ITA registration form I agree to and accept all the terms and conditions as set out by the International Tennis Academy. I do not, under any circumstances hold the International Tennis Academy or any employees of the same; responsible for any disposition, injury or loss that may be incurred by me/my child/my children during such time that the said person/s is under the instruction of the International Tennis Academy or any employees thereof.