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The one-handed backhand looks like one of the hardest shots in tennis.

Not only is it a very useful defensive tool but the best tennis player’s use it as a devastating attacking weapon.

From the ready position, twist your racquet into your preferred grip as you begin your backswing by turning your hips and shoulders.

Step out towards the line of the ball, shifting your weight to the outside foot.

Step forward with your inside foot and begin shifting your weight onto it as you start the forward swing.

Aim to meet the ball in front of you, preferably at about waist height.

Do not wait for it to reach your side.

Hit through the ball as you bring most of your weight onto your front foot.

Use your whole body – your legs, torso, and body weight should all be contributing to your shot.

Do not make your arm do all of the work.

Especially important with a one-handed backhand is to get extra power by pushing up and forward with your legs as you hit.

Keep your weight on the front foot until after contact and remain balanced during the follow-through and recovery.

Practice keeping your chin over your leading foot until a second or two after the ball has gone.

Do not try to force it – you will hit the ball harder with a loose, quick motion.

The racquet head is six times heavier than the ball – let it do the work!

Allow your momentum take you into position for your next shot