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Here are a few tips for encouraging young people to pick up a racket, as well as reasons why we believe tennis teaches important skills that could benefit your child for the rest of his or her life:

  • Start Young To Help Develop Skills. We start offering classes for juniors at the age of 3, a great age for developing confidence, athleticism, and basic swing technique in a group environment.   The first classes a youngster will take will focus on developing the fundamentals of the sport, from hand-eye coordination to cardio fitness and strength training. It also lets kids experience a fun, healthy and social environment.

  • Play With Them To Build Confidence & Family Ties. Tennis is one of the few sports where kids and parents can learn at the same time in a lesson setting. Sharing the experience of learning a sport with the whole family can build bonds and confidence. Our Parent/Child tennis lessons are one of our most popular offerings.

    Learn Life Lessons on The Court. One of the top rules for tennis is that players have to call their own lines. Wining and losing is a part of life and tennis teaches fair play, honesty and how to enjoy the challenges of competition.

  • Tennis Is Not Your Average Sport. The option to play singles or doubles teaches kids how to be strong solo players, as well as how to work well with teammates when playing doubles. Tennis is also one of the most social and low-cost sports to play.

  • Games Can Teach Tennis. The opportunity to create fun learning drills on the tennis court for kids are endless. Some of my favorites are “Foam Ball Goalie,” that uses 3-inch foam balls that kids can chase after and try to hit with their racket into a designated goal area that is guarded by a goalie. This is great way to introduce the concept and hand-eye coordination needed for tennis.

  • Watch Tennis on TV. The U.S. Open is a great championship for kids to watch to start learning about tennis. It can help kids practice keeping score and learn the basic rules of the game. Most of the time, it also shows all of us how to have great sportsmanship.